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Brains Suppress Unwanted Memories: A Human Neuroimaging Study

The ACC detects when you are about to think of an unwanted memory and alerts other regions to suppress it. According to research recently published where normal young adults of both sexes were subjected to a memory suppression task while researchers simultaneously conducted EEG and fMRI on them, activity in the ACC increases within 500 milliseconds of the task, relays the "need for control" to the DLPFC, which in turn inhibits hippocampal activity and memory retrieval.

Wisdom Counters Loneliness-Associated Neural Processing, Brain Imaging Biomarker Study Finds

Scientists at the University of California San Diego show in an EEG-based brain imaging study that the human brains of lonely and wise individuals respond to emotions differently. These neural biomarkers could help address the loneliness epidemic and develop better healthcare.

New Early Predictor of Mild Cognitive Decline May Be Key to...

Noninvasive and sensitive memory-related EEG neuromarker signatures can detect amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), an early stage of Alzheimer’s, about five years before diagnosis. The Bluegrass memory task that the study employs has great potential to be used for individualized prognosis of risk and progression before clinical diagnosis.

EEG Brainwave Study Connects Experiences and Expectations

A study on epileptic patients with EEG electrodes implanted into their brains shows feedforward signals can establish a link between a single visual experience and electrical waves in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.