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New DNA Repair Mechanism Holds Promise for Precision Cancer Therapies

Methylation of histone H3 at lysine-4 by a newly identified protein called SETD1A is vital for DNA repair, since it promotes the recruitment of a DNA repair protein RIF1 at damaged DNA sites with double stranded breaks. Deficiencies in H3 methylation or the SETD1A-BOD1L complex compromises the efficacy of anti-cancer PARP inhibitors and prevents non homologous end-joining repair mechanisms, and promotes unrestrained end-resection, restoring homologous recombination.

CRISPR Screen and Deep Sequencing Map DNA Repair Landscape Boosting Genome...

Although genome editing holds unprecedented promise in the treatment of diseases, one of the major obstacles is that existing technologies frequently result in unwanted mutations or can fail to introduce any changes at all. Now, a new resource called Repair-seq has been developed, and it allows scientists to investigate how the complex cellular DNA repair mechanisms influence the outcome of genome editing technologies.