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Multiomics Clinical Trial Compares Fermented and High-Fiber Diets

Findings from a new clinical trial paints a nuanced picture of the influence of diet on gut microbes and immune status. The scientists compared two microbiota-targeted dietary interventions, plant-based fiber and fermented foods, and showed that fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, fermented cottage cheese, kimchi, fermented vegetables, vegetable brine drinks, and kombucha increase gut microbial diversity and decrease systemic markers of inflammation, in contrast to a high-fiber diet rich in legumes, seeds, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits that maintains a stable microbial diversity and immune profile. The authors noted that fermented foods may be valuable in countering the decreased microbiome diversity and increased inflammation pervasive in industrialized urban society.

Rich Diet Marks Messenger RNA Molecules for Breakdown in an Ancient...

A collaborative study by scientists in Switzerland and Norway, has discovered a new mechanism for regulating RNA maturation that depends on nutrients in the diet. Underscoring the crucial role of the environment in RNA methylation and the control of the splicing machinery, the researchers showed when nutrients are abundant, the mRNA of a methyl-donor synthesizing gene is methylated, gene splicing is blocked, and the level of methyl donors decreases, in a feedback loop.

Quality of Plant-Based Diet Matters in Lowering Risk for Stroke

Making sure your plant-based diet consists of leafy greens and whole grains and not refined grains, potatoes and sugar, matters in estimating risk for stroke. A healthy plant-based diet is associated with a 10% reduction in risk for stroke, a new study reports.
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