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Infrared Light Improves Memory in Pilot Clinical Trial on Healthy Individuals

A pilot clinical trial conducted by scientists at Durham University in collaboration with Maculume Ltd., provided evidence that self-administration of near-infrared light at 1068 nm wavelength twice daily may improve memory function in healthy, middle-aged people with normal intellectual capacities. The study included 14 healthy people, aged 45 and above who self-deliver six minutes of PBM-T (photobiomodulation therapy) twice daily over four weeks and a placebo group of 13 healthy individuals who wore a dummy PBM-T helmet. The authors said the therapy might have the potential to help people living with dementia and other disorders such as Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, and motor neuron disease.

Aging Research Banks on Man’s Best Friend in Life and Death

Gene expression studies based on samples from the Hungarian Canine Brain and Tissue Bank established by the research team of the Senior Family Dog Project in 2017, showed the relevance of pet dog biobanking in aging research and identified CDKN2A as a powerful biomarker for aging.

NSAIDs May Improve Reduced Cognition upon Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution...

Columbia University researchers showed short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and black carbon in ambient air can reduce GCF (Global Cognitive Function) and MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) scores in older men. The investigators also showed that aspirin and other NSAIDs may have a protective role against the effects of air pollution.