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Regular Diet May Reverse Gut Immune Dysfunction from Western Diet

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic show a western diet with elevated fat and sugar content induces functional abnormalities in a specific type of immune cells in the gut, similar to Crohn’s disease. Through mouse model studies the scientists show this immune deficit is mediated by the intestinal microbiome, elevated levels of a bile acid and increased FXR and IFN signaling pathways in the intestinal lining.

Antifungal Drugs and Dietary Changes May Heal Gut Inflammation in Crohn’s...

Quick and effective healing of constant injuries that damage the inner lining of the intestines as food passes through it, is essential in maintaining a healthy gut. A new study reveals the presence of a fungus commonly found in foods like meat and cheese, preferentially localizes to injured and inflamed regions in the gut in patients with Crohn’s disease, preventing wound healing. This suggests oral antifungal drugs and dietary changes are potential new therapeutic approaches in curbing the painful symptoms of Crohn’s disease.