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Oxygen Releasing Protein Staves Off Age-Related Decline in Memory and Hearing

Scientists show a protein present in the membrane of red blood cells, ADORA2B, responsible for releasing oxygen, holds the key to understanding age-related decline in memory and hearing, and enhanced inflammation in the brain. The authors show mice without this protein display enhanced biomarkers of aging and young mice lacking the protein are more susceptible to oxygen deprivation than normal mice. These findings indicate that the red blood cell ADORA2B–BPGM axis is a key component for limiting age–related functional decline.

NSAIDs May Improve Reduced Cognition upon Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution...

Columbia University researchers showed short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and black carbon in ambient air can reduce GCF (Global Cognitive Function) and MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) scores in older men. The investigators also showed that aspirin and other NSAIDs may have a protective role against the effects of air pollution.