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Bacterial Sentinel Cells Engineered to Record and Report on Gut Health

Researchers have engineered gut bacteria with data logger functionality to enable them to monitor which genes are active in the bacteria as they traverse the gut. These sentinel microorganisms tested in mice and limited to engineered E. coli in the current study, offer insights that could help develop noninvasive, diagnostic, microbial sensors that could uncover early symptoms of intestinal disease or assess the effect of diet or therapies on health.

Programmable Biosensor Chip Uses Single Molecules to Detect Multiomic Molecular Interactions

Scientists have developed a broadly applicable, multiplexable, and scalable platform for detecting interactions of a range of label-free molecules at the single-molecule scale, in real-time, using single-molecule sensors on a semiconductor sensor array chip. At the heart of this technology is a peptide wire that connects nanoelectrodes. On this peptide wire is mounted the interacting molecule of interest and interactions are measured by fluctuations of an applied constant voltage through the peptide wire.