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Lung Cancer Screening Eligibility Better Predicted by Blood Biomarkers and Smoking...

Scientists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at The University of Texas have developed a new blood test that in combination with a risk model based on smoking history, helps predict who may benefit from lung cancer screening, more accurately than current guidelines. The researchers show the combined personalized risk assessment would have identified 105 of 119 people in the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial, who received a lung cancer diagnosis within one year.

Biomarker Identified for Early Antidepressant Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation

Acute behavioral changes and long-term antidepressant response can be reliably elicited by surgically targeting and stimulating the subcallosal cingulate (SCC) gyrus area 25, a brain area implicated in depression. While the clinical effectiveness of DBS over the course of six months of treatment has been repeatedly demonstrated, there are differences in the timeline of recovery across different patients. A new study identifies an electrophysiological biomarker that can help optimize this experimental procedure in treating treatment-resistant depression and gain insights into the mechanisms underlying the efficacy of deep brain stimulation.