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Antibiotic-Resistant Biofilm Survives Silver Bullet

New research from scientists at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) demonstrates long-term nanosilver treatment can increase the risk of recurrent infections of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic strains that form biofilms. The scientists show nanosilver kills 99.99% P. aeruginosa in a sample population but the 0.01% cells that persist resume normal growth once the nanoparticle treatment is stopped. The authors caution, since bacteria can adapt to nanoparticles effective regulations of the use of nanoparticles must be implemented, and the use of alternative microbials such as nanosilver should be preserved to fight untreatable infections, with growing antibiotic resistance.

Scientists Extend Fick’s Laws of Diffusion to Explain Movement over Natural...

A new collaborative study shows movement over ‘active carpets’ such as cilia lined airway passages or biofilms cannot be explained by the established Fick’s laws of diffusion. The physicists extend the laws in a new mathematical expression that could explain non-equilibrium properties of active surfaces that may have broad implications for biofilms, active coatings, and mechanisms for pathogen clearance in the airways.