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Universal Flu Vaccine Candidate Exploits Conserved Domains

Scientists at Georgia State University have designed a universal flu vaccine that protects against both influenza A and B virus types and successfully tested its efficacy in young and aged mouse models. The vaccine is a virus-like particle (VLP) that includes a baculovirus vector that expresses several subtypes of neuraminidase and tandem repeats of a highly conserved, extracellular segment of a protein called M2e that stimulates the host’s immune system.

Pancreatic Development Disrupted by Mutations in the Dark Genome

Mutations in the enhancer element EnhP responsible for malformations in the pancreas and diabetes in newborns, indicate disruptions in nonprotein coding DNA elements can cause inherited diseases. The researchers show mice lacking both copies of EnhP were born with a severely underdeveloped pancreas and insulin-deficient diabetes. The leading role of this enhancer that activates a cluster of embryonic-stage enhancers that regulates the gene PTF1A in immature progenitor cells of the pancreas, overrides the existence of functional redundancy among other PTF1A enhancers.

Potential Inverse DNA Vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis

Pasithea Therapeutics announced encouraging preclinical results that support the efficacy of a tolerizing, inverse DNA vaccine for multiple sclerosis (MS). Based on experiments conducted on the EAE mouse model, Pasithea reported that intramuscular injections of the candidate vaccine (PAS002) delayed the onset of paralysis and reduced severity of peak disease. Prophylactic administration also reduced the incidence and severity of relapse in the mouse model.