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For over 25 years, SPT Labtech has been pioneering automated laboratory solutions that accelerate life sciences research and solve real-world challenges across liquid handling, sample management, and sample preparation. Through partnerships with applications leaders, we have delivered a suite of instruments that are trusted by labs globally.

Why is automation so important in genomics?

firefly+ grants genomics researchers the ability to run completely automated NGS library preparation from a single benchtop instrument.

Genomics workflows lend themselves especially well to automation due to the laborious nature of critical sample preparation workflows for next-generation sequencing (NGS) and PCR, which involve repetitive and tedious liquid handling steps. Performing these tasks manually is clearly not the best use of a skilled scientist’s time and takes them away from data analysis or experiment design. This diversion leads to frustrating and potentially costly productivity bottlenecks. Moreover, manual pipetting poses inherent risks of human error, potentially squandering valuable time and resources in the event of mistakes.

Introducing firefly: A purpose-built automated solution for genomics

firefly from SPT Labtech is an all-in-one liquid handling platform tailored to streamlining NGS sample and library preparation. Beyond providing all the tools needed to meet the high demands of genomics facilities, we have put significant emphasis on accessibility.

How does firefly stand out from traditional liquid handlers?

  • Compact design: firefly packs exceptional capabilities into a sleek, benchtop footprint. On-deck tools for pipetting, noncontact dispensing, shaking, and temperature-controlled incubation replace the need for multiple instruments, preserving valuable lab space.
  • Intuitive operation: Protocol development and execution is simplified for any user through firefly’s user-friendly, visual software. Cloud connectivity enables seamless sharing and access to verified methods that give you a head start in setting up your own protocols.
  • Versatile liquid handling: firefly’s true positive displacement technology accurately dispenses challenging liquids like master mixes, glycerol, and bead suspensions down to 200 nL. Additionally, its air displacement pipetting head can handle liquids in full 96- or 384-well formats, as well as in single columns of 8 or 16 wells.

How does firefly liquid handling improve life in the lab?

  • Increased efficiency and throughput: Automating on firefly allows for generation of high-quality libraries in as little as two hours. By running 96 samples at once on firefly, we see approximately a sixfold increase in throughput than when performed manually by a single user.
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability: Minimizing hands-on steps reduces human error and variability for consistent, high-quality data.
  • Boost return on investment (ROI) with miniaturization: firefly can scale down reaction volumes without compromising precision so that
    researchers can generate more data with their available resources.
  • Improved safety: Automating repetitive pipetting motions mitigates the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) while minimizing exposure to harmful samples and chemicals.

New for 2024: Maximize walkaway time with firefly+

SLAS 2024 saw the launch of the firefly+ expansion unit, integrating an on-deck thermocycler and additional labware capacity to deliver complete hands-free NGS library preparation workflows. It was important to us that researchers maintain full access to firefly’s liquid handling and process module capabilities while the thermocycler is in operation. This modular concept allows users to tailor firefly’s capabilities to their specific application and throughput needs.

SPT Labtech’s commitment and customer-centric approach to innovation has led to firefly,  a powerful, yet accessible solution purpose-built for optimizing genomics workflows.


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Learn how firefly can transform your day-to-day lab operations and accelerate your research at https://bit.ly/49QeY3a.

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