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Since its inception on the banks of Lake Zurich 40+ years ago, Tecan—the automation expert—has empowered research and diagnostics labs to achieve more with innovative solutions that help design, discover, develop, and deliver their products faster and more efficiently.

From labs challenged with designing new protocols to those requiring high-throughput to process thousands of samples, Tecan has a solution to help propel them forward.

Fluent® DreamPrep™ NGS Workstation
Fluent® DreamPrep™ NGS Workstation

Tecan engineers its products to effortlessly support a wide range of applications, from genomics to proteomics to cell biology, to maximize productivity immediately, adding speed and efficiency to each lab. Laboratory empowerment—exemplified through speed, efficiency, adaptability, and flexibility—are ingrained in Tecan’s philosophy and reflected throughout its product portfolio down to the individual components.

One aspect of the portfolio that stands out is ease of use, with turnkey solutions that take lab workflows from sample extraction to sample prep to sample analysis with an optimized, automated approach.

“Not every customer wants to be a subject matter expert in automation. They want a solution that works out-of-the-box so they can focus on their goals,” rather than cobbling together instruments and reagents and hoping they work together, Scott Melzer, VP, Business Development, Tecan US, says. Tecan’s integrated approach is built on the power of its individual components.

The DreamPrep™ NGS integrates stand-alone components into a combined solution. Built on the Fluent® Automation Workstation, “This was our first commercial example of an integrated approach, combining our liquid handling, detection, and reagents portfolios. DreamPrep NGS delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy in one automated workflow, with minimal downtime for installation in the lab.

“The DreamPrep™ NAP (a configuration for nucleic acid purification) was introduced in January 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming known and played a pivotal role in our COVID-19 response,” Melzer said. “We were there from the beginning with the solutions necessary to quickly establish large testing centers around the globe.”

While continually bolstering its in-house capabilities, Tecan also partners with other industry leaders around reagents and consumables to ensure optimal customer results. This attention to the broad picture as well as discreet activities increases output quality and throughput inside the box, before customers do anything. Consequently, Melzer says, “Our customers needn’t worry about complex processes or in-house development. Instead, they can focus on their data.

“We take pride in ensuring that regardless of the application, our customers have access to tools to support their cutting-edge research or to ensure that they are well-prepared to serve the high-throughput demands that may be required to tackle great challenges,” Melzer notes.

That pride is key, and fuels Tecan’s mission to accelerate customers’ goals by providing the tools and support they need to design, discover, develop, and deliver on their ambitions.


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