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CEM provides microwave instrumentation for researchers involved in analytical and synthetic chemistry. Major application areas include acid digestion for elemental analysis, compositional testing of food products, peptide synthesis, and chemical synthesis.

GEN recently spoke to Michael J. Karney, CEM’s life science product manager. During a sponsored podcast, Mr. Karney described how CEM’s technologies are improving workflows for end users, specifically in the fields of drug design and development.

GEN: Michael, thanks so much for joining us today. Tell us a little bit more about CEM and how it has evolved over recent years.

Mr. Karney:  CEM originally started in compositional analyzers using microwave-based technology, but in recent years, we have expanded into new markets and utilized novel non-microwave technologies to provide novel solutions for the chemical synthesis fields, industrial process controls, and analytical sample prep.

Our corporate mission is to just simplify science, and that is something that we have done, or we have tried to do, with every product in CEM’s portfolio, for all scientists in all disciplines.

GEN: And what areas of research does the life science team focus on?

Mr. Karney: Right now, our primary focus is on solid-phase peptide synthesis. Over 10 years ago, we introduced the application of microwave technology for peptide synthesis using our Liberty series of products, and with these products and our SPPS methodology, we have streamlined the whole synthetic process and reduced reaction rates and also waste production for this process, while providing high yields and also high-purity peptides.

With each system, we have improved overall process efficiency and also created instruments that our users can feel confident and comfortable using.

GEN: Who would use a peptide synthesizer and why?

Mr. Karney:  Any peptide-related research or product project, in academia or industry, would experience a dramatic acceleration if a microwave peptide synthesizer were utilized.

Our flagship product, the CEM Liberty PRIME Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer, allows research labs to engage faster, concept-secure testing for pharmaceutical candidates while expanding the chemical space that can be explored.  For production labs, Liberty PRIME means that they now have the ability to produce a product portfolio or offer express on-demand synthesis.

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