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GEN: Can you talk about the need to educate scientists involved with biologics about data management/informatics? What are the real advantages?

Biologics research generates a lot of data. While some teams may still rely on paper and spreadsheets, most see the value of having some form of a data management solution.

A strong data management and informatics platform provides a number of benefits, with one of the most important being its serving as a single source of truth (SSOT). Our CDD Vault informatics platform provides a secure database into which all research information is stored and organized. Without this, there will be a never-ending search for whose computer has the freshest data.

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The informatics platform also supports real-time collaboration. By providing permission-based access on a granular basis, it supports secure data sharing between biologists, chemists, and other stakeholders within the organization, as well as with external partners such as contract research organizations (CROs) around the globe.

Intellectual property is protected because data can be shared on an as-needed basis, while our electronic lab notebook (ELN) automatically timestamps all work to document time of insight and discovery. When it comes time to seek investment or sell the company, the centralized data repository provides a one-stop source for all of the research data requested during a due diligence process.


GEN: Describe CDD Vault and its core competencies.  How do these align with those real advantages to which you previously referred?

We developed CDD Vault to be simple to deploy and easy to use. CDD Vault is a hosted software as a service (SaaS) solution, meaning it can get an organization up and running swiftly—even if it doesn’t have an IT department. Our intuitive software is easy for scientists to use on their own even if they lack programming experience. Our ELN can be used to document, search, and protect data, and it integrates directly with the registration database. We also provide a built-in inventory system that supports tracking of various entities, as well as a visualization tool that sheds additional insights on data with its powerful graphing capabilities.


GEN: Discuss further how CDD Vault supports biological entities such as proteins, nucleic acids, and cells. How does this improve and impact the work of researchers?

Recent enhancements allow users to register biological entities as nucleic acid or protein sequences, which can then be searched and queried. Plasmid information can be visualized on a map, allowing easy annotation of restriction sites and other features. Furthermore, researchers can link various types of entities that are logically related, such that a single click can, for example, take them from a therapeutic protein to the plasmid construct that expresses that protein, or the cell line from which it was isolated. All of this increases the research team’s productivity.


GEN: What is the newest challenge in biological data management? How does CDD Vault stay ahead of the trend?

We constantly listen to customers about their evolving needs. For example, to address the requirements for developing complex therapeutics such as ADCs or PROTACs that are part chemical and part biological, CDD Vault has the ability to capture these complex entities as well as their subcomponents, providing easy tracing between the two. We have also introduced a method to register mixtures of multiple entities. The method is unique to CDD Vault, and our customers are finding many uses for it.


GEN: How do researchers build a complete data workflow with CDD Vault as the central repository? Is the data accessible by other applications?

CDD Vault is designed to serve as a comprehensive data management platform. Having said that, we play well with other applications because we know that no single tool can do it all. We created a robust API that makes it easy to integrate whatever data collection, analysis, or other applications a scientist might want to unite with our platform. Our API enables seamless integration with best-in-class applications to support automated workflows and maximally enhance the discovery process.


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