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Continuing in its mission to provide unsurpassed genetic quality and high health standards for mice, The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) has made several updates to the health reports. These changes include results for several newly tested organisms, updated organism names, and reorganized locations for the listed organisms in the health report.

So what does this mean for your research?

The health of the model in your study has a direct impact on the quality of your results. The changes in the JAX Health Reports better ensures our animals’ health status by expanding our testing to a newly described mouse pathogen, Murine Chapparovirus (MuCPV) or Mouse Kidney Parvovirus (MKPV), as well as updating the names of the organisms we are testing to ensure transparency in the species tested, and to focus on the organisms that are considered a threat to mouse colonies.

The updated JAX health reports are just one example of ongoing research and work done to support researchers worldwide.


Download this PDF to learn more about the updated JAX Health Reports, or contact JAX Technical Information Scientists with specific question


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