October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

Changing the Face of Adoptive Cell Therapy with Superior Cell Culture Devices

Wilson Wolf is dedicated to being the catalyst that allows Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT) to move beyond the research level and toward widespread availability. Through the creation of its G-Rex platform technology, the process of growing cells for ACT has been greatly simplified, as compared to methods using traditional cell culture flasks and bags. G-Rex devices allow cells to obtain oxygen and nutrients on demand while retaining the simplicity of traditional flasks. The net result is a practical cell-production process with a tremendous saving of material, labor, and production time relative to conventional methods. G-Rex protocols established at the research level can be linearly scaled to allow for easy transition to the cell quantities required for clinical production.

About the Company

Wilson Wolf was founded in 1997 to create superior cell culture devices for use in small-scale research production of cells and cell-secreted products. Wilson Wolf invented the CELLine™ Flask as a high density cell culture device in an easy-to-use format. In essence, it brings scientists the best attributes of hollow-fiber bioreactors without the associated cost and complexity.

Since it began manufacturing and selling the CELLine Flask, Wilson Wolf has provided many other solutions to the cell culture community, ranging from cell culture machines that allow progenitor cells to attach to porcine heart valves to cornea storage devices. The G-Rex product portfolio, well suited to meet the cell production needs of the Adoptive Cell Therapy community, is but the most recent innovative product introduction.

Markets Served

G-Rex: G-Rex Devices have proven to be highly advantageous in applications in which the number of devices used in the application, feeding frequency, the number of pipette interventions, or the use of labor is excessive. Adoptive Cell Therapy is an excellent example of where this advantage is being realized.

The Adoptive Cell Therapy community has made great strides in the use of T cells to advance effective treatment of various diseases. Yet, the ability to move those advances to a larger population has been hampered by the inability of traditional cultureware to produce the large number of cells required for treatment in a simple, efficient manner. Until now, ACT has been forced to rely upon the use of plates, flasks, and bags, which creates a complicated, labor-intensive process. Wilson Wolf’s G-Rex device is intended to break down the barrier to efficient cell production. Data from leading institutes continues to show the power of G-Rex to accomplish this objective for TIL, EBV-CTL, NK, CAR adapted T cells, Tregs, among others.

Importantly, G-Rex has been shown to shorten production duration while simultaneously reducing use of medium, materials, feeding frequency, labor, and complexity. In brief, G-Rex makes Adoptive Cell Therapy practical.

CELLine: CELLine is a versatile tool for culture applications that can benefit from highly concentrated cell secreted product, minimized use of exogenous growth factors, and minimal feeding frequency. CELLine can be used in serum-based and serum-free applications. CELLine CL1000 and CELLine CL350 are designed for suspension adapted cell types, while the CELLine AD is designed for adherent cell types. CELLine CL1000 and CELLine CL350 are routinely used in monoclonal antibody production at most core hybridoma labs because they are so cost effective and easy to use.


Wilson Wolf is an FDA-registered production facility with core competence in design, development, and manufacture of products for the cell culture industry. It also has tissue culture facilities, machine shop capabilities, and an extensive network of experts that are utilized at various stages of product development.

A primary focus of Wilson Wolf is the expansion of the G-Rex product portfolio. The goal is to allow the ACT community a wide variety of options, including many sizes of devices, each with specific cell production capacity. For example, the G-Rex portfolio will range from multiple well formats for research to large closed system devices with the capacity to produce up to 2.0E+10 cells in GMP facilities.

Wilson Wolf welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in an effort to accelerate the transition of its product solutions to best meet the needs of the cell culture community.

Wilson Wolf

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