October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

Cutting-Edge Technologies that Belong in Every Research Laboratory

Sigma Life Science has a passion for helping scientists improve the quality of life and answer biology’s most difficult questions. Our cutting-edge technologies have accelerated discovery for more than one million scientists worldwide.

Sigma’s talented scientists work every day to produce products that help other life scientists unravel complex biological problems. Our researchers are dedicated to providing the research community with broad access to ground-breaking technologies—from novel disease model animals and isogenic cell lines to CompoZr® zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) gene editing technology—the first to make mammalian gene editing possible and accessible to the research community.

Key Technologies

Sigma Life Science offers innovative products and services that range from functional genomics to cells and cell-based assays, transgenics, protein assays, stem cell research, epigenetics, oligonucleotides, peptides, and bioessentials such as biochemicals and cell culture media.

CompoZr ZFN Gene-Editing Technology

Transforming the way biologists can manipulate the genomes of higher organisms, our CompoZr ZFN technology is widely recognized as the most efficient, most cited, and most versatile method of genetic engineering for cell lines and whole organisms of any species. In a fraction of the time and effort required with traditional methods, ZFNs make precisely targeted, permanent, and heritable modifications that include gene knockouts, gene knockins, point mutations, large deletions, and small integrations. CompoZr ZFNs are available:

  • as custom ZFN services for advanced modifications,
  • as preconstructed knockout ZFNs that target any gene in the human, rat, or mouse genomes, or,
  • as species-specific targeted integration kits.

Recent advances in manufacturing CompoZr ZFNs have now made the technology a sensible and affordable option for academic and not-for-profit institutions.

Genetically Engineered Mammalian Cell Lines

A fast-growing library of genetically engineered mammalian cell lines enable novel assays for basic research, target validation, drug discovery, and bioproduction. Our cellular reporter cell lines contain fluorescently tagged endogenous genes, such as EGFR and many cytoskeletal proteins, for real-time studies of gene activation, protein function, and protein localization. Our disease model cell lines isolate disease-relevant mutations in an isogenic setting. We also offer custom engineering for novel, genetically modified mammalian cell lines for your unique application.

Custom Knockout Rats and Mice

Sigma Advanced Genetic Engineering (SAGE™) Labs applies CompoZr ZFNs to generate custom knockout rats and mice within five months via its SAGEspeed™ service and to provide the largest repository of genetically modified rats for use in toxicology, neurobiology, cardiology, and oncology research. SAGE Labs also offers a ModelShare™ repository program to alleviate customers of the burden of model archival, breeding, and distribution.

Validated Screening Tools for Gene-Silencing and RNAi Services

For gene-silencing experiments we provide the most comprehensive, highly validated screening tools available including assays to identify and validate in vivo human miRNA and ncRNA targets as well as libraries and panels of lentiviral shRNA, siRNA, miRNA/ncRNA, and esiRNA. Our ever-expanding suite of custom RNAi services includes cloning, inducible vectors, large-scale and high-titer lentiviral particles, lentivirus production, and gene family sets.

Bioactive Tools

One of the largest collections of bioactive tools for understanding pathway biology includes one of the most highly validated antibodies collections available. Our bioactive toolkit’s antibody collection contains Prestige Antibodies® Powered by Atlas Antibodies, the largest number of bioactive small molecules, peptides and proteins, the gold-standard LOPAC™ library of pharmacologically active compounds and key signal transduction enzymes, featuring PRECISIO® Kinases.

Tools for Easy Access to Biological Information

Beyond our products and services, we offer biological search tools for rapid access to your research-specific interests such as biologically relevant literature search, new gene regulation and variation viewers, expression study results, clinical trials, detailed disease relationships and biochemical compound interactions—all related to your research. Spend less time searching multiple sites and find it all at sigma.com.

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