October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

Taking Tailored Solutions to the Next Level with Global Centers of Excellence and Expanded Liquid Offerings

As the manufacturing business unit of Sigma-Aldrich, SAFC is a leading developer and manufacturer of critical raw materials and services that support the biopharmaceutical industry. Using unrivaled expertise, SAFC’s scientists identify and anticipate customer requirements and work to resolve the bioprocessing obstacles that can occur at every stage, from preclinical to commercialization. SAFC is known for safe, productive, and consistent raw materials and services, providing customers with a greater feeling of confidence and control.

The SAFC portfolio includes solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, single-use packaging and scale-up solutions, and high-quality contract manufacturing services.

Markets Served

With locations across the globe, SAFC is able to serve customer needs at source and without limitations. The global footprint of SAFC’s facilities offers customers supply chain security and mitigation of process delay risk through tailored solutions, ready-to-use formats, and on-time delivery.

Key life science markets served include:

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Vaccines manufacturing
  • Biosimilar manufacturing
  • Animal health manufacturing
  • Diagnostics kit manufacturing


SAFC is a top ten fine chemicals company with a diverse portfolio of products and services focused on exceptional customer service. Through consistent research and development, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships, SAFC provides a sound platform approach to problem solving for end users.

The company understands the critical aspect of biopharmaceutical supply chain and manufacturing, thus providing customizable solutions that allow customers to increase efficiency and achieve more with their current capabilities.

SAFC Global is widely recognized as a leader in:

Bioprocessing Critical Raw Materials

  • Custom media, feeds, and reagents
  • Downstream reagents
  • Single-use packaging and scale-up solutions
  • ZFN modified cell lines

Contract manufacturing services

  • High-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI)
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from fermentation
  • Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)
  • Viral vectors and vaccines
  • Gene therapeutics
  • APIs through protein extraction

Bioprocess Liquid Solutions

SAFC offers upstream and downstream media and reagents in both powder and liquid formats. Most recently, it has expanded its liquid offering to include the widest portfolio of liquid media available to the market, encompassing media, supplements/feeds, buffers, water, salts and reagents, and consisting of upstream products (such as concentrates/feeds, supplements, Ex-Cell and Basal Media) and downstream purification solutions (such as biobuffers, NaCl, acetates and phosphates, and custom sucrose). SAFC’s extensive liquid offerings are produced and blended in state-of-the-art facilities that are cGMP compliant and employ fully validated processes.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

SAFC’s Centers of Excellence act as an extension of a customers’ organization, designed to operationally deliver continuity of supply, consistency in raw material and process control, and industry-leading quality. Currently composed of the company’s Broadway (St. Louis, MO), Lenexa (Kansas), and Irvine (U.K.) facilities, these centers address industry demands for efficiency, cost containment, and increased regulatory compliance. The Centers of Excellence model leverages expertise and technology to create increased animal component free (ACF) capacity to manufacture products with shorter lead times, provide consistent levels of service through the use of common materials, processes and systems, and improve business continuity through the elimination of redundant manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Viral Vaccines, ADCs, and Fermentation

Always striving to provide customers with the latest technologies in custom manufacturing, SAFC recently expanded its facilities with high-tech viral product manufacturing suites, advanced disposable bioreactor technologies, and a cutting-edge expression technology system. With SAFC’s world-class contract manufacturing services and purpose-built facilities, customers have access to a complete offering in the area of vaccine components to support development of conjugate vaccines.

SAFC’s expertise lies in its understanding of its customers and the issues they face. Working to resolve development and manufacturing challenges and accelerate the production of custom materials, SAFC is always ready to fulfill its customers’ manufacturing needs.

For more information about SAFC, and its full line of products and services, visit www.safcglobal.com or email [email protected].


3050 Spruce Street

St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone 314.534.4900

Website www.safcglobal.com

Date Founded 1975

Number of Employees ~1,800

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