October 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 17)

Serving Emerging and OEM Markets With NEBsolutions™

New England Biolabs (NEB) is proud to be recognized as a world leader in the discovery, production, and supply of reagents for the life sciences. For almost 40 years, we have been dedicated to the advancement of science and stewardship of the environment, and our commitment to meeting the needs of the scientific community by providing exceptional product quality and technical support has never wavered.

Like its customers, NEB is passionate about science and is driven to advance the frontiers of knowledge. As a collaborator, rather than just a vendor, we are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and developing products to address them. We aim to support our customers’ research as though it were our own. As such, NEB is at the forefront of providing the solutions and tools necessary to accelerate scientific research and drive new discoveries.

About the Company

NEB’s state-of-the-art headquarters, located in Ipswich, MA, USA, is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and LEED certified. The NEB facilities include a modern fermentation center and independent laboratories for production, quality control, product development, and basic research. With a depth of experience in recombinant technologies, many of our products are manufactured on a large scale to stringent specifications, resulting in higher quality with proven lot-to-lot consistency.

Advancement of scientific research is at the core of NEB’s corporate philosophy. NEB researchers have published over 770 peer-reviewed articles to date, in areas as diverse as next-generation sequencing, epigenetics, glycobiology, RNA analysis, protein expression, cellular analysis, restriction enzymes, and polymerases. Several groups also focus on subjects outside of our commercial interests—NEB’s Parasitology Research Division, focused on the elucidation and treatment of human parasitic infection, is one example of this.

Markets Served

NEB serves life science researchers in industry, government, and academia. Across these different market segments, NEB’s reagents are used, both directly and via its supply to third-party collaborators, in a variety of applications, including DNA cloning, PCR, epigenetics, RNA analysis, protein expression, purification and analysis, sample preparation for next-generation sequencing, and cellular analysis.

NEB’s reagents are available worldwide through our network of exclusive distributors, agents, and subsidiaries, the latter being located in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the U.K.

Extending Our Capabilities through NEBsolutions

Through its NEBsolutions team, NEB has extended its expertise in enzymology and reagent manufacturing into new and emerging markets, such as molecular diagnostics. Scientific expertise, rapid response times, custom product formulations, and private labeling are just a few of the ways this team assists its customers in reducing their time to market.

NEB’s experienced team of research and production scientists directly assist in the development of their customers’ reagents for their specific application or instrument platform. The NEBsolutions team will work to optimize reagent formulation, function, and manufacturing process. This often results in a reduction of manufacturing costs and the amount of enzyme required, thus lowering the customers’ overall costs.

Using their extensive experience in both business and science, the NEBsolutions team excels at meeting aggressive timelines and offers a rapid lead-time for most custom requests. This includes leveraging the capabilities of the entire company to help customers achieve their goals during all stages of a product’s lifecycle.

NEBsolutions Is Your Solution

With over 20 years of experience in the development and supply of reagents for OEM customers, when you select NEB as your partner, you achieve more than simply sourcing our high-quality reagents and production capabilities. You become a part of our team, and we, in turn, become a part of yours. Bring us your product request or your problem, and experience the expertise, responsiveness, flexibility, and quality that NEBsolutions can provide.

New England Biolabs

240 County Road Ipswich, MA 01938

Phone: 800.632.5227

Website: www.neb.com

Date Founded: 1974

Number of Employees: 400 (including subsidiary offices)

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