October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

Pharmaceutical Pumps and Systems to Create Custom-Designed Fluid Solutions

As a leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems, LEWA has the ability to provide customers with a complete process solution, customized to meet specific process requirements. We deliver systems conforming to all regulatory requirements (cGMP, GAMP, 21 CFR, etc.), supported with a full documentation package, factory acceptance testing, validation, installation, and start-up services.

Engineered Process Systems

LEWA builds—based on internal expertise—engineered process systems for the following markets: fine chemical, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and beverage, vitamins, supplements, electronics, and industrial cleaning. These markets all require drainable, cleanable, high-purity, and completely documented systems.

Low Pulsing and Low Shear All-in-One Pump System

LEWA diaphragm metering pumps with intellidrive technology solve difficult fluid processing needs, including:

  • Low pulsing applications for chromatography and various filtration applications
  • Low shear handling of biomolecules due to special liquid and diaphragm pump head design
  • Handling of high-viscosity fluids like syrups
  • High-precision metering for different kinds of filling operations
  • Installations under critical requirements for aseptic production of food and pharma products
  • Mixing of two fluids in one pump head for e.g., gradient formation
  • Variable flow parameters e.g., no homogeneous qualities, varying pressure or shifting temperature

Hygienic Metering Pumps

LEWA hygienic metering pumps (LEWA ecodos and LEWA ecoflow) meet all aseptic and sterile demands reliably and efficiently. They are hermetically tight and offer zero leakage with absolutely no shaft connection to the product area, thus ensuring contamination-free metering over long periods of time. Hygienic pumps can also be used as multiplex pumps (e.g., for recipe metering); i.e., various pumps can be assembled side-by-side on a single drive shaft.

Application examples are:

  • Continuous, proportional blending of sensitive or expensive fluids
  • Exact handling of fluids in the chromatography process for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production processes
  • Metering of sensitive liquids, such as enzymes, vitamins, or flavors
  • Aseptic transfer of proteins and cells, e.g., microorganisms or blood
  • Addition of APIs, toxic chemicals, flammable or corrosive liquids, etc.
  • Injection of fluids for extrusion or spray mechanisms for the production of active ingredients and tablets
  • Microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • High pressure and supercritical fluid applications

In order to ensure safety for aseptic and sterile processes, LEWA has designed and tested the hygienic pumps for their cleanability according to industry-approved standards (EHEDG cleanability test and QHD test system).

Customized Systems for Hygienic Processes—Diaphragm Pumps and Low Pulsation Pumps

LEWA diaphragm pumps are widely used by most chromatography companies. Back in the 1970s the first chromatography system using a LEWA low pulsation pump for HPLC was delivered. The configurations run the range from simple metering skids for introducing micro-ingredients to complex systems for proportional blending or transfer of multiple product streams.

Custom-Designed Chromatography Systems (LPLC and HPLC)

LEWA EcoPrime for LPLC combines state-of-the-art functionalities into one unit: It can be a buffer dilution skid, or directly connected to a column to be a chromatography system. This system has been optimized to enhance the purification process.

It combines all process relevant accessories, ensures high reliability, and uses new flow technology that allows for self-cooling, ventilation-free pump motors. Because production requirements may be different, LEWA custom designs a combination of pump types and flows and different instruments to meet the customer’s requirements, handling sensitive pharmaceutical substances. The heart of LEWA EcoPrime is the pump technology. The LEWA intellidrive technology pump package is designed to enhance the performance and reproducibility of the pumps. The intelligent drive increases the precision of LEWA ecodos pumps to ±0.5% and maximizes the pumps’ flow range based on an intelligent flexible software program.

LEWA EcoPrime delivers:

  • Unrivalled precision
  • Wide dynamic flow range of 1:150
  • Minimum pulsation
  • Lowest holdup volume
  • Low shear to process biomolecules
  • Full linear gradient capability from 0.5% to 99.5%

Moreover LEWA builds HPLC systems for uses including API purification in the pharmaceutical industry. These systems are based on specific customer requirements and are additionally created with own concepts and knowledge input.

Lifetime Services

LEWA’s service is not limited to delivering pumping equipment and systems. With a manufacturing facility in Leonberg, Germany, numerous centers of competence and qualified representatives worldwide, we are able to respond to process optimization, fluid transfer, and liquid metering needs at any time.


Ulmer Straße 10

71229 Leonberg, Germany

Phone +49 7152 14-0

Website www.lewa.com

Date Founded 1952

Subsidiary Companies 15 worldwide

Representatives In more than 80 countries

Employees 700 employees worldwide, 400 in Leonberg/Germany

Turnover 2010 approx. €130 Million

Certified DIN EN ISO 9001-2008; GOST R

Hygienic Certifications 3-A; EHEDG; FDA; QHD

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