October 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 17)

When it Comes to Nuclear Receptor Screening, Who You Know Can Determine What You Know

With Indigo’s Nuclear Receptor Experts at your service, you get results you can be confident in, every time. With our convenient lab-in-a-box assay kits, you can bring the power of Indigo into your lab to perform quick, simple, and reliable in-house discovery and toxicology screening. If you’d rather put our experts to the test, send us your compounds and we’ll screen them in our lab. Either way, when you need fast, accurate results, trust the Nuclear Receptor Experts at Indigo Biosciences.

About the Company

Indigo Biosciences, the Nuclear Receptor Experts, was founded in 2005 to help researchers focused on nuclear receptors and nuclear receptor research. The Company began as a contract screening lab and has since added a portfolio of cell-based Indigo Nuclear Receptor reporter assay kits.

Located in State College, Pennsylvania, USA, the company has laboratories that handle nuclear receptor research and development, product manufacturing, and screening services. Since its founding in 2005, Indigo has gone from a single assay for one nuclear receptor to more than 40 human and nonhuman ortholog assays in the screening service lab and 24 cell-based assay kit products today.

Indigo is focused on nuclear receptor assays so that you can focus on your research. Researchers can chose the convenient lab-in-a-box Indigo Nuclear Receptor assays to screen compounds in their labs, or can send the compounds to Indigo and our experts will provide reliable data with quick turnaround times.

Markets Served

Nuclear receptors play a key role in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and toxicology. They are targets for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cholesterol transport. They also impact drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics as well as drug-drug interactions.

The key markets for Indigo’s products and services include the biopharmaceutical sector, CROs, chemical companies, nutritional companies, and academic and government researchers. Basically, anyone seeking to better understand how a xenobiotic—a drug, food additive, chemical or pollutant—impacts the human body can use Indigo assays or services.

Researchers in the biopharmaceutical space choose Indigo kits and services for screening compounds for both on-target and off-target or toxicology screens. The convenient ready-to use kits are automation friendly, allowing them to easily integrate into an HTS campaign for drug discovery and lead identification. The ease of use allows for quick, multiple assays during lead optimization, and the large variety of kits and services makes off-target profiling and discovery toxicology screening simple.

With the widest variety of nuclear receptor kits and services available, researchers will find quick answers to their questions. The availability of common orthologs such as rat and mouse allows chemical and pharmaceutical companies to validate animal models, and nutritional companies can check for activity against an array of genes or nuclear receptor targets.


The Nuclear Receptor Experts at Indigo provide researchers the broadest portfolio of products and services, allowing you to focus on your research while we provide the assays and data. You can bring the expertise of Indigo into your lab with our cell-based Indigo Nuclear Receptor Assay kits, or you can put our experts on your team by sending your compounds for us to screen.

Indigo now offers the most complete list of frozen, cell-based nuclear receptor assay kits with 21 human and 3 nonhuman ortholog kits. We also offer more than 40 human and ortholog nuclear receptor assays through our screening services lab. Our experts continue to work on expanding our offering, and can custom develop assays for most any nuclear receptor or species.

Indigo recently expanded our offering in the field of retinoid receptors, key targets for scientists engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents. Indigo offers screening services for all nine retinoid receptors—the RARs, RORs, and RXRs. In addition, we offer kits for seven retinoid receptors.

Interested in gene expression studies or additional nuclear receptor related analysis? Indigo offers real-time PCR and gene expression microarrays, adipogenesis assays, and reverse cholesterol transport (RCT) assays. The Indigo experts can work with you to develop assays and do custom research to fit your needs.

Contact Indigo today, or visit our website at IndigoBiosciences.com to learn more about our expanding portfolio of nuclear receptor assay kits and screening services. When you need to know about nuclear receptors, you need to KNOW Indigo.

INDIGO Biosciences

1981 Pine Hall Road State College, PA 16801

Phone: 814.234.1919

Website: www.indigobiosciences.com

Date Founded: January 2005

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