October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

A World Leader in Peristaltic Single-Use Dispensing

For over 25 years, Flexicon has specialized in aseptic single-use peristaltic filling and capping systems for pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic applications.

Flexicon, a member of the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, uses proven peristaltic filling technology. Unlike piston fillers, Flexicon peristaltic pumps take advantage of single-use fluid paths to guarantee purity and precision in filling and dispensing.

We offer a range of products from compact dispensers for benchtop filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering, and capping machines. Fully automatic systems can accommodate most glass vials, plastic bottles, test tubes, eye-droppers, or nonself standing microtubes.

Flexicon also manufactures the highly accurate Accusil platinum-cured silicone tubing as well as asepticsu single-use fluid path systems. Our unique combination of peristaltic pump technology, drives, tubing, single-use technology, and industry expertise makes Flexicon a unique and unequalled manufacturer in today’s biopharmaceutical industry. Our products are delivered on time, to specification, and are engineered to ensure we observe and meet all regulatory requirements.

Our U.S. direct headquarters are in Massachusetts and we provide expert service to our North American customers through an extensive network of highly skilled and trained biopharmaceutical specialists. Flexicon is a global business and is ready to respond globally with direct sales and stocking operations in 20 countries with distributors in 50 others.

Markets Served

Flexicon products are designed and produced to grow with a customer from discovery to clinical trial to full production.

For benchtop and lab-scale needs, Flexicon offers stand-alone fillers and cappers that are perfect for research and design ofnew products and tech-nologies.

For small-scale and clinical trial production environments, Flexicon has a wide selection of semi-automatic integrated filling and capping machines that are designed to occupy minimal space while providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.

For full-scale production and contract manufacturers, Flexicon produces fully automatic systems that are capable of high-throughput fill rates under completely aseptic conditions. Flexicon also manufacturers a range of filling products and systems for integration and retrofit into existing filling lines as well as OEM applications.


At the core of the Flexicon product range is the peristaltic dispensing pump. Naturally low-shear and accurate by design, the tube is the only product contact point within the pump. Because Flexicon extrudes its own highly precise silicone tubing, Accusil, and also manufactures sterile bag systems, asepticsu, accuracy and purity are inherently assured throughout the aseptic filling process.

A variety of peristaltic fillers are available for dispensing with accuracies as low as +/- 0.5%. Configurable as simple to use benchtop fillers, Flexicon’s pumps can also be easily integrated into the semi-automatic FlexFeed system. The FlexFeed semi-automatic filling and capping system is ideal for small-scale batches and clinical trials. Compact enough to fit inside a biosafety cabinet, the FlexFeed is perfect for limited space environments.

For full-scale production and contract manufacturing, Flexicon offers fully engineered systems such as the FMB2011. The FMB2011 features 120 vials/minute fill rates, 100% weigh checking, reject stations, 100% torque control of capping or crimping and 100% data logging, all under fully aseptic conditions.

Flexicon Liquid Filling

(A Watson-Marlow Pumps Group company)

37 Upton Technology Park

Wilmington, MA 01887

Phone 800.282.8823

Website www.wmflexicon.com

Date Founded 1986

Number of Employees 400

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