October 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 17)

Developing Next-Generation Detection Based Life Science Research Products

DeNovix is a Wilmington, DE, based developer and manufacturer of life science instrumentation for bioresearch. The company was founded in 2012 by Fred Kielhorn, the former managing director of NanoDrop Technologies. The DeNovix staff includes a highly experienced group of life scientists, engineers, programmers, manufacturing technicians, and customer support personnel. DeNovix products are sold through a sales and distribution network that covers all corners of the earth. The company is equipped with the financial, technical, and research resources necessary to bring innovative new products to the global life science and research community. The current DeNovix facility includes product development and cellular research laboratories. The company is expanding into a larger space during Q4 2014. The team released its initial product to the market already and is working diligently on additional technologies that scientists have indicated will simplify and expand their research.

Innovative Spectrophotometry

DeNovix released its first product in August 2013, the DS-11 Spectrophotometer. The instrument is designed to rapidly quantify 0.5–1.0 mL samples of nucleic acids and proteins—but does it in a way that no other company does.

“Easy just got easier,” said Kielhorn, CEO and managing director. “The DeNovix team has years of experience in instrument design, including spectrophotometry. We challenged ourselves to develop a completely new instrument that produces rapid results and has a break-through interface with no need for a computer. We customized an Android operating system for the DS-11 and combined it with precision opto-mechanical components and it seems we’ve hit the mark. Sales have actually exceeded our expectations. It’s great to hear customers say that we’ve created something that really is an evolution for the market.”

The patent pending DS-11 makes measurements using intuitive EasyApps® which are DeNovix designed apps for the most common life science applications. The apps come pre-installed on the device so that it is ready to use immediately upon arrival. The instrument is a full spectrum (190–840nm) UV-Vis spectrophotometer that meets or exceeds all performance specifications of the market-leading microvolume spectrophotometer while saving space, time, and money. The instrument expands researcher capabilities by measuring the broadest concentration range of nucleic acids and proteins of any microvolume spectrophotometer.

Researchers working with the DS-11 instantly recognize that the instrument was designed by life scientists for life scientists. The user interface includes a brilliant 7″ HD touch screen that delivers a smartphone-like experience with familiar swipe, touch, and pinch-to-zoom control. Making measurements is quick and intuitive: simply pipette, measure, and then wipe the sample surface to clean. Scientists see the results immediately on-screen and can easily compare measurement results and spectra of multiple samples right on the instrument.

The DS-11 includes Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, a USB drive, a network drive, or via an optional printer. The instrument is available in four colors, and model options include microvolume (DS-11) or microvolume plus cuvette modes (DS-11+).

Customer Focus: Free Trial Program

“Our entire team treats customers as our top priority” states Kevin Kelley, business director. “We work hard to differentiate ourselves from the multibillion dollar conglomerates and the catalog companies. We frequently put researchers directly in contact with our scientists so they can get immediate answers from people who’ve walked in their shoes.”

One example of the company’s customer focus is its Free Trial Program. DeNovix invites labs in the U.S. and U.K. to evaluate the instrument in their labs for seven days at no charge with DeNovix covering the cost of shipping to and from the end user. Kelley added, “We have an entire fleet of instruments that are dedicated to the trial program. We want researchers to try the instrument and make up their own minds about the DS-11 without being pressured.” Trial instruments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the agreement conditions on the company’s website.

A Look Ahead

DeNovix is developing additional life science research products that are based on optics and detection. The company will leverage its custom Android operating system and instrument controller platform into additional arenas with plans to offer many cost-effective and innovative solutions for bioresearch. DeNovix invites researchers who are interested in collaborating on new ideas or improving existing technologies to contact the company.

For more information about DeNovix including distributor locations, instrument specifications, and a 90 second DS-11 product video visit www.denovix.com.

Inside the DS-11: SmartPath® Technology

DeNovix SmartPath Technology allows the DeNovix DS-11 microvolume spectrophotometer to deliver reliable 1 μL sample results every time. The instrument utilizes opto-mechanical components and proprietary algorithms that together provide precise pathlength control and deliver performance unmatched by any microvolume spectrophotometer.

Key Benefits of SmartPath Technology

  • The DS-11 does not require routine recalibration. The expense and downtime associated with calibration service is avoided.
  • Small volume samples, including protein samples, can be measured reliably and with confidence. The DS-11’s measurement sequence starts at a pathlength of 500 microns (0.500 mm) and reduces the pathlength during the measurement process. The liquid column is not stretched during analysis, which reduces the potential of column breakage for samples of low surface tension fluids like protein solutions.
  • Single sample measurements on the DS-11 cover the broadest dynamic range (0.04–500 AU at 1 cm equivalent) of any microvolume spectrophotometer. For example, no dilutions or additional measurements are necessary to obtain results for samples with concentrations ranging from 2.0–25,000 ng/μL dsDNA or 0.10–750 mg/ml BSA.
  • Receive results in 4 seconds. Pipette a sample and then touch the screen to take a measurement. Optionally, choose the even-easier “Auto-Run” mode to automatically start a measurement when the sample arm has been lowered into position.

DeNovix Inc.

3411 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

Phone: 302.442.6911

Website: www.denovix.com

email: [email protected]

Date Founded: 2012

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