October 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 17)

Creating Opportunities Through Innovation

Bio-Techne, Minnesota’s largest biotech company, makes products for medical research and drug development, and distributes more than 200,000 products. In 2014, R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris, ProteinSimple, BiosPacific, Cliniqa, and RNA Medical were brought together under the umbrella of Bio-Techne to create a one-stop-shop for scientific researchers. Our products enable life science research in industrial and academic settings, and we count among our customers leading pharmaceutical companies and university researchers. The expertise at Bio-Techne includes three operating divisions: Biotech, Protein Platforms, and Clinical Diagnostics.

An industry leading segment of our business is developing and manufacturing purified proteins sold to biomedical researchers and clinical research labs and these are used aiding in drug discovery efforts and providing the means for accurate clinical tests and diagnoses.

Quality is the driving force of the company and a benchmark against which others are measured. It starts with leading quality control/product development, goes through manufacturing, then to final testing and packaging—all within the controlled settings of the Bio-Techne facility.

Bio-Techne has a rich history in both research and diagnostics in the life sciences through its flagship brand R&D Systems. The recent integration of Novus Biologicals and Tocris Bioscience has respectively added a massive number of new antibodies and an extensive panel of small molecules and peptides that further drive biomedical research and discovery. With the addition of ProteinSimple platforms, we are extending our immunoassay capabilities that simplify and speed laboratory workflow with next-generation systems and consumables. Our goal is to automate protein analysis, and make it more accurate, quantitative, faster, and cost effective. Collaborations and product synergies that have resulted from our cross-division relationships have exceeded expectations, and promise to bring more innovative solutions to drive your research for years to come.

New Products for Cancer Research

Immunotherapy has become an extremely promising approach for the treatment of cancer. Immune checkpoint blockade, adoptive cell transfer, and targeting the tumor microenvironment are three approaches to harnessing the immune system to fight cancer. Bio-Techne life science brands offer the highest-quality proteins, validated antibodies, ELISAs, Luminex®* assays, small molecules, and cutting-edge instruments that you need to facilitate your research.

Customer Support Is Paramount

We employ the most knowledgeable and engaging technical and customer service representatives in the industry. By adhering to the highest quality standards at every level of the company and every stage of product development, through our outstanding customer and technical support, we deliver the best reagents and services that make your research stand out. Our experienced technical service representatives will resolve product performance issues by listening carefully, troubleshooting, and providing detailed technical guidance.

The Bio-Techne Team

Leveraging our years of experience, world-class resources, and extensive product portfolio, we have built an organization with unparalleled expertise across a variety of life science fields and therapeutic areas. Through collaboration and constant innovation, we strive to make leading-edge products of the highest quality and dependability, and build assays and instruments that are the benchmark against which others are measured. Bio-Techne also offers custom product solutions when the exact item you need may not be currently available. Our scientists work closely with your team to find the best solutions in a timely and cost-effective way. We manage the technical risk, and ensure a stable, scalable, and consistent supply for future work.

A Global Company

Our offices and distribution centers stretch across the globe, and are vibrant commercial operations that exceed the expectations of our customers. With Bio-Techne, researchers can access all our brand offerings and technical support from a single source. We are committed to offering innovative products of the highest quality to the research and diagnostic communities. As a company, Bio-Techne is committed to providing the best discovery tools needed to advance the life sciences, and support clinical breakthroughs in the treatment of human disease.

Bio-Techne Inc.

614 McKinley Place NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 379 2956
Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 1,500 worldwide

*Luminex is a registered trademark of the Luminex Corporation.

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