Identify more relevant and efficacious candidates faster, more cost-effectively, and with reduced risk. These goals are common to researchers developing therapeutics of all modalities, whether small molecules, proteins and antibodies, or cell-based medicines. Flexible, efficient cell engineering is central to attaining these goals. MaxCyte’s delivery platform accelerates the discovery/development, manufacturing, and commercialization of next-generation, cell-based medicines. MaxCyte provides a patented, high-performance cell-engineering platform to biopharmaceutical partners engaged in drug discovery and development, biomanufacturing, and cell therapy, including gene editing and immuno-oncology. This robust delivery platform, together with a team of scientific experts, help partners unlock the potential of their product candidates by solving development and commercialization challenges.

This platform allows for the engineering of nearly all cell types, including human primary cells, with any molecule, at any scale. It also provides unparalleled consistency and minimal cell disturbance—facilitating rapid, large-scale, clinical- and commercial-grade cell engineering using a nonviral system and with low toxicity concerns. This cell-engineering platform is FDA-cleared, providing customers and partners with an established regulatory path to commercialize cell-based medicines.

MaxCyte is also developing CARMA technology, a proprietary, breakthrough platform in immuno-oncology, to rapidly manufacture chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) therapies for a broad range of cancer indications, including solid tumors where CAR-T cell approaches face significant challenges.

About the Company

MaxCyte has pioneered the development of a cell-engineering platform based on Flow Electroporation™ technology. Originally conceived to meet the stringent demands of cell therapy applications—namely the ability to safely and reproducibly modify human cells with high efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and at the scale required to treat patients—MaxCyte has expanded the platform and applications to accelerate the development of small-molecule drugs, biologics, and vaccines, in addition to enhancing cell-therapy applications.

Most recently, MaxCyte’s delivery platform has been employed in the exciting and growing fields of immuno-oncology and gene editing. Following the announcement of MaxCyte’s CARMA approach to RNA-based CAR-T–driven therapies in 2015, the company has taken the technology to the forefront of medicine by harnessing patients’ own immune systems to combat diseases, such as solid and liquid cancers.

Employed by 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, MaxCyte is dedicated to advancing cell engineering through application of its patented delivery platform and collaborative partnerships.

Markets Served

Cell engineering looks to unlock the power of cells for a variety of applications including the discovery, development, and manufacture of novel small-molecule drugs and biologics, the biomanufacturing of vaccines and biotherapeutics, the re-direction or enhancement of cells for use as cellular therapies, and the modification of targeted genes in cells for therapeutic purposes through genomic editing.

  • The ability to engineer virtually any cell, with any molecule, at any scale, can revolutionize therapeutic programs, including:
  • Improving the relevance of cellular assays
  • Enhancing transient protein and antibody production
  • Streamlining and accelerating stable cell-line generation
  • Advancing gene-editing studies
  • Increasing efficacy and reducing risk in engineered T- and NK-cell therapies
  • Moving immuno-oncology programs to the next level


MaxCyte’s cell-engineering platform is based on Flow Electroporation™ technology, a universal transfection technology capable of high-performance delivery of virtually any molecule, to any cell, at any scale. It has the unique ability to transfect primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines with minimal cell disturbance and transfection efficiencies routinely >90% for a variety of cell types—rates that exceed those of other transfection methods. Flow Electroporation™ technology is an inherently safe technology with a clear regulatory pathway that provides scientists with the freedom to use the most physiologically relevant system, facilitating the identification, development, and manufacturing of cell therapies, biotherapeutics, and small-molecule candidates of the highest quality.

MaxCyte is the trusted provider of high-performance cell-engineering solutions and expertise. MaxCyte Scalable Transfection Systems provide superior cell engineering and seamlessly scale for efficient migration from early research to commercial manufacturing. Each system is tailored to meet the scalability and regulatory support needs for specific cell-engineering uses.

  • The MaxCyte STX® engineers from half a million to 20 billion cells to support R&D from early stage development through preclinical work.
  • The MaxCyte VLX® can engineer up to 200 billion cells to support R&D through biomanufacturing.
  • The MaxCyte GT® has the scalability and established regulatory record for the development and manufacturing of clinical, cell, and gene therapies.


22 Firstfield Road., Suite 110,
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: (301) 944-1700


Company Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 41
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