IsoSpark, IsoLight, and IsoSpark Duo: Accelerating the Next Big Breakthrough in Immune Medicine

The newest innovations from IsoPlexis make functional proteomics widely accessible to virtually every laboratory, speeding development of personalized, curative medicines

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Researchers urgently need new approaches for functional immune profiling in order to accelerate discovery and development of curative medicines.

From its inception, IsoPlexis’ mission has been to harness the most powerful cells to personalize immune medicine and make their groundbreaking functional immune profiling technology and unique applications accessible to virtually every laboratory worldwide. Functional phenotyping data from their single-cell proteomics hubs have been used to investigate cancer immunology, infectious disease and vaccines, cell and gene therapy, inflammation, neurology, and targeted therapies.

IsoPlexis’ single-cell proteomics and quality analytics are applicable at every stage of development, from pre-clinical small animal research and process development, all the way to patient characterization and stratification during clinical trials. IsoPlexis’ technology re-engineers ELISA to provide functional data not previously accessible. By re-imagining ELISA to be fully automated and highly multiplexed, IsoPlexis enables high-plex automated immunoassays, functional immune landscaping, and intracellular signaling omics at single-cell resolution. These unique applications allow for better predictions of potency, durability, and adverse effects of immunotherapies.

IsoPlexis is the gold standard for functional proteomics. The ability to determine cellular fitness and reveal how single cells truly function can help move a new generation of immunotherapy treatments forward and facilitate a deeper understanding of disease and therapeutic mechanisms, advancing the development of personalized complex and combination approaches.

The IsoLight was the first solution to solve the complexity of a typical proteomics workflow by consolidating a multi-faceted and time consuming process into one automated and self-contained system. The high-throughput benchtop IsoLight has been utilized by pharmaceutical companies and core facilities at leading institutions worldwide.

Now the analytic prowess IsoPlexis is known for is available in three different formats, all fully automated: the IsoSpark, IsoLight, and IsoSpark Duo. These systems detect the rare subsets of highly functional superpowered cells through measuring true function of the full range of cytokines, chemokines, and other proteins. All three systems leverage the same uniquely innovative applications in functional immune profiling, intracellular signaling omics, and high-plex automated immunoassays, accelerating therapeutic development.

IsoSparkThe IsoSpark is a personalized proteomics system for any laboratory, the IsoLight is a high-capacity instrument that enables higher throughput, and the IsoSpark Duo is an advanced setup for complete functional immune landscaping. With the addition of the IsoSpark, labs across the world can access IsoPlexis’ single-cell proteomics with a smaller personalized lab instrument providing an easier point of entry for complete immune landscaping.

IsoPlexis’ instruments are the only functional cellular analysis tools that can uniquely detect predictive highly-functional “super-cells” to uncover cellular signals or correlative biomarkers. All systems have integrated “plug & play” hardware and software solutions for the continually expanding selection of chip panels to measure the secretome, proteome, and metabolome at both the single cell and population levels. Built-in software quickly generates advanced visualizations with same-day turnaround to stratify samples, reveal functional differences, pinpoint biological drivers, and allow better collaboration between research groups.

The introduction of the IsoSpark broadens the accessibility of IsoPlexis’ groundbreaking technology. The compact IsoSpark with an 18-inch footprint contains the same features as the IsoLight, with lower throughput, packaged in a smaller instrument. This opens up availability to biotech, academic laboratories, or companies with limited space and
resources or without easy access to a core facility. These laboratories can now harness single-cell functional proteomics.

The IsoSpark runs 4 chips, which meets the needs of many discovery efforts, while the IsoLight runs 8 chips. The IsoSpark Duo can also run 8 chips, four each from two different panels if desired, allowing for the immune landscaping of multiple different cell types simultaneously.

IsoPlexis’ technology helps to accelerate immunotherapy development to bring more novel treatments to the right patients. By increasing access to the technology, the new compact IsoSpark will facilitate a broader use of single-cell proteomics for functional immune profiling. The IsoSpark and IsoSpark Duo are now available for pre-order in
North America and Europe. Shipping is planned for January 2021.

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