The October 1 issue of GEN takes a look at copy number variation, membrane proteins, and protein expression.

Vol. 35, No. 17 October 1, 2015

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The spotlight is on molecular imaging, copy number analysis, and protein expression in the October 1 issue of GEN. As always, GEN has its finger on the pulse of the life science industry to bring you the latest tools, technologies, and trends. 


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GEN Features

Dissecting the Structure of Membrane Proteins

Membrane protein research is seeing the emergence of many promising techniques, including novel sample delivery systems such as the acoustic drop and microfluidic methodologies.

GEN Features

Twists and Turns in Protein Expression

In early drug discovery it’s often unclear which recombinant proteins will be affected by changing the host cell. Better to adopt a single host cell for all developmental pipeline stages. 


Molecules Hold the Mirror Up to Cancer

Imaging technologies are advancing so rapidly that they have not only become critical tools for basic research but for translational and clinical applications as well.

Copy Number Analysis Starts to Add Up

Copy number variants are not only suggesting new directions for the future of clinical studies, but they are also filling in and providing some answers to our evolutionary past. 

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Google’s “Major Bet” on Life Sciences

Always looking for new opportunities, the internet giant has set its sights on a field new to its area of expertise.

LI-COR Focuses on Infrared Glow

An instrumentation pioneer for the human genome project now develops cutting-edge imaging technologies.

Evolving CMO-Sponsor

Relationships CMO relationships traditionally involved limited discussion, but they have evolved into being more strategic and solutions-oriented.




Improved Metabolomic Studies

Changes in metabolite patterns have prognostic value for early disease detection.

Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Precision Medicine

New tools are needed for initial diagnosis and niche characterization of tumors.

Attaining High Transient Titers in CHO Cells

Systems-based approaches can significantly increase protein production levels.

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