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Detect Low Frequency Somatic Mutations from 10 ng of DNA in 2 Hours

Remove the hurdles of DNA quality and quantity from FFPE and circulating, cell-free DNA samples with Accel-Amplicon™ Panels from Swift Biosciences. These single-tube, multiplex amplicon panels deliver an all-in-one solution for producing ready-to-sequence libraries within 2 hours from 10 ng of DNA. Available as a 56G Oncology Panel, Comprehensive TP53 Panel, or as custom-designed panels. Try the 56G Oncology Panel with introductory pricing of $75/sample today. Learn More.

Swift Biosciences


New Single-Use Bag Family Flexsafe

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has developed a new polyethylene film and bioprocessing bags to facilitate the way towards the single-use facility of the future. Its completely new developed product family Flexsafe enables the implementation of single-use bioprocessing throughout all steps of drug manufacture, from process development to production, in upstream and downstream—all using just the one innovative polyethylene film. Learn More.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech


New Octet K2 System! High-Performance, Research-Friendly Kinetics Characterization

The Octet K2 2-channel system brings you unprecedented access to exquisite biomolecular interactions data. Priced for start-up academic and biotech labs, low volume users are no longer bound by the trade-off between cost and performance when choosing a label-free assay system. The Octet K2 system characterizes protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding interactions. The multi-purpose Octet K2 system also provides quantitative information by measuring active protein concentrations—even in complex mixtures like cell culture supernatants and lysates. Learn More.



Introducing the New GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor

Western blot automation with the GOBlot™ saves the researcher an average of 3 hours per Western blot while providing data with improved reproducibility. The GOBlot™ has multiple protocol options, does not require machine specific consumables, and recycles the primary antibody which saves valuable research dollars.
View the demo video and learn more about the affordable GOBlot™. Watch Video.




Fragment Analyzer™ is Just Right for Automated Nucleic Acid QC

The fully automated Fragment Analyzer is transforming sample analysis in the lab for applications such as DNA, total RNA, gDNA and SSRs. Rapidly and simultaneously qualify and quantify nucleic acid samples in just one step. Regardless of your lab’s sample analysis expectations—high, low, or any throughput in between—there’s an option that meets your parameters. Simply load the plates, walk away, and resolve fragments in minutes, freeing up time to make the next big genomic discovery. More at

Advanced Analytical Technologies


Beauty. Brains. And Now More Brawn. Meet the “More Choice” iQue Screener PLUS.

Introducing iQue Screener PLUS, a suspension cell screener that offers more analytical choice, as well as high speed flow (< 12 min/384 well plate), assay miniaturization to conserve precious cells and use less reagent, is intuitive and easy to use, and provides deep insight to demystify complex biology. Equipped with violet (405nm), blue (488nm) and red (640nm) lasers, the iQue® Screener PLUS features 15 detection channels, providing for richer content through higher order multiplexing. Learn More.



Celebrate Performance with the New EXCELL® Advanced™ CHO Fed-batch Platform by SAFC

Introducing the next generation in chemically-defined CHO fed-batch media. This contemporary media and feed platform was developed across a wide range of CHO cell lines commonly used in industrial bio-manufacturing with an emphasis on simple adaptation (regardless of cell bank medium), demonstrated performance with sustained high biomass and maximum titers, and formulations allowing for flexibility to adjust protein quality attributes as needed. For more information or to try a sample, please visit us at:



Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15mL and 50mL

The Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15 mL and 50 mL are sterile, pyrogen-free, DNase-free, RNase-free and DNA-free making them ideally suited for cell biology applications in a sterile environment. They are also ideal for microbiology and molecular biology applications, which rely on freedom from contaminations with DNA. The newly designed screw caps provide not only optimal sealing properties, but with their grooved and multi-surface side-contour they simultaneously ensure a slip-free grip and one-handed opening and closing. Learn More.


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