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Curious about the latest trends in cancer research? Check out these articles about one of the hottest trends in the life sciences industry.

Special Edition: Bispecific Antibodies

Exploiting the sequence and geometry of antibodies has allowed researchers to increase the therapeutic potential of monoclonal antibodies dramatically. For cancer, bispecific antibodies are being used as costimulatory agents of T cells to help regulate the immune response to various tumors. The recent GEN articles below will outline the science behind bispecific antibodies, in addition to highlighting some cutting-edge uses for this burgeoning technology.

Bispecific Antibodies Close in on Cancer

In December 2014, for the first time, a bispecific antibody, blinatumomab (Blincyto©), was approved for therapeutic use. Since then, over 120 bispecific molecules have entered the clinical pipeline.

Double-Barreled Antibodies

Bispecific antibodies represent a new generation of antibody-based therapeutics that boost the disease-fighting power of a monoclonal antibody by doubling its binding capabilities. A bispecific antibody can bind two epitopes or two different targets at the same time.

Bispecific Antibodies Reemerge

Some scientists have suggested that bi- and multispecific antibody (bsAb) technology “will provide the next generation of targeted biologics for cancer therapy.” This optimistic assessment was echoed in a 2016 InsightPharma report saying that progress in bsAb research and the regulatory success of two bispecific molecules has led to an “explosion” of T-cell redirecting bsAbs.

NK Cell Therapy Advances, Enabled by Precision Models

As the field of immunotherapy progresses, and more effective treatments reach patients, the use of live cells to attack tumors has become the next area of focus.



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