Virtual Collaborations Push Pharma Forward During Pandemic

With regions of the world cycling through societal re-openings and shutdowns due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, pharma and life science companies are tasked with trying to find creative solutions that help keep production lines moving, as well as drive innovation forward. For instance, pharmaceutical manufacturers still need to meet critical project timelines so that patients receive the therapies they require. As such, many companies require varying levels of technical support to accomplish their goals—a scenario made much more difficult due to travel and in-person meeting restrictions. Thankfully, the resilient team at the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers from Merck were able to work out virtual solutions to support their partner Vuab Pharma reach their manufacturing goals. Take a listen to this latest GENcast and see how the virtual world stepped up to help the pharma space.




Paul Kaschutnig, PhD
Process Development Consultant



Marine Maszelin
EMEA Senior Process Development Scientist



Ondřej Žítek
Head of R&D Centre
Vuab Pharma