VIA Capsule Liquid Nitrogen-Free Cryogenic Shipment


The VIA Capsule, described by manufacturer as the first liquid nitrogen-free cryogenic shipment system, has been designed and optimized for the shipment of cellular therapies and cryopreserved apheresis. The VIA Capsule system comprises a shipper unit, an integrated smart monitor, and a cryocooler. Designed by cryobiologists, the VIA Capsule system consists of a Stirling cryocooler that cools the shipper unit prior to transportation and gives extended temporary cryogenic storage when connected to a power source. Its internal thermal core provides five days of passive standby when disconnected from its power source, with an LCD interface displaying the time remaining at cryogenic temperature and current temperature of the shipment. The system also features a smart monitor that automatically uploads temperature, condition, and location information in real time to a dashboard. Additionally, the system has wheels that allow for easier maneuvering and delivery in a hospital setting.

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