Vacuum Vortex Evaporator


The Smart Evaporator is a new class of evaporator designed to eliminate common issues such as bumping, concentrating small volume samples, and difficulties related to solvents with a high boiling point. This is achieved through its vacuum-assisted spiral plug technology. The spiral plug creates a miniature gas vortex, which rapidly stirs solvents under heat and accelerates evaporation time—even for high-boiling point solvents such as DMSO and DMF. Solvents in storage vials can be placed directly into the evaporator, eliminating the need to transfer samples back and forth. This reduces contamination risk and increases sample recovery rate. The highly-compact Smart Evaporator system comes in single-vial, 4-vial and 10-vial iterations and accommodates a wide range of vial sizes. It is a simple solution for researchers looking for quick and hassle-free evaporation that does not require constant monitoring and attention.

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