Unlocking Photochemistry in Flow

The fReactor Photo Flow provides a platform for scientists looking to explore photochemistry in flow chemistry applications. The Photo Flow was designed for ease of use and operational safety. This new addition to the family of Asynt fReactor flow chemistry systems has been launched with two LED wavelength options—450 nm (blue) and 365 nm (UV)—to suit most photochemical activation requirements. Alternative excitation wavelength options are available upon request. The Photo Flow was also designed to be installed easily. When the module is placed over the required fReactor cell, the Photo Flow simply clips quickly into position, ready for you to start your experiment. The flexible design allows you to choose how many Photo Flow modules to use on the fReactor base platform, from one to five. The company claims that the five Photo Flow modules can be powered from a single power supply using an optional splitter lead.


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