Ultra-Clean Deep-Well Plate



Deep-well microplates are an essential class of functional labware used for sample preparation, compound storage, mixing, transport, and fraction collection. They are widely used in life science laboratories and are available in different sizes and plate formats, the most commonly used being 96-well and 384-well plates made from virgin polypropylene. Porvair Sciences microplates are manufactured to ANSI/SLAS dimensions to ensure that they are completely automation compatible. With low extractable and leachable characteristics, these deep-well plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored sample or bacterial or cell growth. Researchers can now work with volumes as low as 1 mL and as high as 2.2 mL, each with different well and bottom shapes. Deep-well plates are designed with raised well rims to facilitate reliable heat seal closure, which is critical for long-term integrity of stored samples at −80°C.

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