Trends and Takeaways from J.P. Morgan 2021

Charmaine Chan, PhD
Charmaine Chan, PhD
Senior Analyst
Cambiar Investors
Brad Loncar
Brad Loncar
Loncar Investments

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Originally Aired: January 27, 2021


GEN Edge—the premium channel of biotech news and analysis from GEN—is proud to launch a new occasional series of Zoom-casts in 2021 called “GEN Edge Live,” offering a timely and topical business slant on key biopharma topics. 

For our inaugural episode, GEN Edge Live will share notes, takeaways, and trends from the all-important J.P. Morgan 39th Annual Healthcare Conference—the first virtual JPM conference. Our guests will discuss the major news—blockbuster mergers and acquisitions, company partnerships, product and strategic announcements, and much more. GEN Edge Live will recount the key events of JPM 2021 and explore where biopharma and many of its key players are headed in the new year.

Special guests:
Charmaine Chan, PhD, Senior Analyst, Cambiar Investors
Brad Loncar, CEO, Loncar Investments

Alex Philippidis
Kevin Davies, PhD
John Sterling

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