The mRNA Therapeutics Boom

Scalable purification of in vitro transcribed mRNA accelerates mRNA-based therapy development

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mRNA is beautifully simple; it provides your body instructions. Analogous to computer code, mRNA programs the body to produce specific proteins giving this molecule utility in a myriad of therapeutic approaches, including vaccines against common and rare infectious diseases, oncology indications, and protein replacement treatments for genetic disorders. The wide diversity of mRNA-based therapeutic applications has led to increased interest in using synthetic mRNA.

The COVID mRNA vaccines are expanding the already significant interest in the RNA space and taken mRNA manufacturing to a new level. Going forward, the biggest bottlenecks will be the DNA templates and the enzymes needed for synthesis. Luckily, the boom has also catapulted development activity in resins, nucleotides, and enzymes.

However, these challenges will not change the molecule’s current trajectory. mRNA therapeutics are poised to become an important element in the healthcare landscape in the coming years.

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