Knut Niss, PhD
Knut Niss
Chief Technology Officer
Jon Rowley
Jon Rowley
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Jo Brewer
Jo Brewer
SVP Allogeneic Research
Jeanne Loring
Jeanne Loring, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Scripps Research Institut

The Cell Therapy Summit

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The Cell Therapy Summit brings together the global community of cell therapy researchers, developers, and manufacturers to discuss key achievements, common challenges, and advanced solutions for the industry.

From Research & Development through Process Development to Manufacturing, The Cell Therapy Summit offers a superb opportunity to connect with thought leaders and cell therapy pioneers from start-ups and big pharma. This virtual event is free to attend and includes access to expert plenary presentations, lively Q&A and discussions, networking opportunities, and in-depth break-out sessions on immune and stem cell therapies.

Register for The Cell Therapy Summit to hear about the latest research solutions and clinical advances and to connect with other cell therapy developers. Ask questions, get answers, and build your professional network!

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