February 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 3)


The 3D NS-NC polymer microarray is a textured substrate comprised of micron-sized, square wells that control the lateral spread of printed droplets leading to more uniform spots, and nanometer-scale high-aspect-ratio features within each well that increase the surface-binding capacity for biomolecules such as antibodies, proteins, DNA, and other oligomers to give greatly increased signal-to-noise performance without affecting the kinetics of subsequent hybridization or attachment reactions. The substrate, made from cyclic olefin polymer that allows for high-volume nano-molded production, can bind biomolecules without the need for chemical coatings resulting in much-improved performance consistency. The 3D NS-NC slide is particularly attractive for applications where low concentration levels are an issue, and for proteins for which the textured surface of the substrate allows them to maintain their shape and function without the weaknesses associated with flat or alternative slides. 

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