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There are two complementary paths to creating a stable enzyme formulation. First, the enzyme itself may be engineered to increase its stability under storage conditions. However, this is not always possible, practical, or even preferable. Second, the enzyme can be formulated to maximize its storage stability. This second path is always applicable and often desirable if the product’s stability has been engineered primarily for its application (rather than storage) conditions. In this GEN webinar, we will describe a series of stepwise experiments on the Uncle stability screening platform to triage a range of components and create a constant formulation for a given product. Through this ordered sequence, we will describe some of the phenomena encountered, how we interpreted these events, and what criteria we ultimately used to choose our final formulation. Finally, we will present data from long-term studies that show how actual storage stability compares to predictive data from the Uncle.

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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John Tomashek, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS)

Kevin Lance, PhD

Kevin Lance, PhD
Product Manager
Unchained Labs