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Although the cell and gene therapy industry is primed to purify viral vectors on a scale suitable for clinical supply of orphan indications, process development scientists are still working toward generating industrialized platform technologies that will enable efficient, simple, and inexpensive upstream and downstream processes of biologically active viral vectors for large-scale commercial manufacturing. New upstream-based technologies, such as suspension production kits for high density viral vector production, will be presented and discussed. Affinity chromatography for purification of viruses offers clear advantages of obtaining high purity and high yield in a single step and is an essential part of platform technologies. The properties of POROS™ CaptureSelect™ AAV8 and AAV9 resins will be discussed, as will the benefits of high resolving ion exchange resins for polish applications of these vectors. The utilization of these enabling technologies will generate significant productivity improvements to commercial processing and offer a more scalable and consistent platform to advance cell and gene therapies.

Who Should Attend

  • Process development scientists
  • Viral vector investigators from pharma
  • Cell and gene therapy scientists
  • Protein biochemists

You Will Learn About

  • Current industry trends and challenges of cell and gene therapy manufacturing
  • Benefits of innovative new upstream technologies for virus generation in suspension
  • Advantages POROS CaptureSelect resins offer your virus purification scheme
  • Analytic solutions for adventitious agent detection and process characterization

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Stephen Soltys
Senior Field Application Scientist, Bioproduction,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, Ph.D.
Director of R&D, Transfection,
Thermo Fisher Scientific