Smart Microscope



The Axiolab 5 and Axioscope 5, as well as the microscope cameras Axiocam 202 mono and Axiocam 208 color, can be combined to form a smart microscopy system that significantly reduces users’ workloads. It automatically adjusts many of the required settings, thus making digital documentation of microscopic specimens easier and more efficient. With PC or tablet, or as a stand-alone solution, this smart microscopy system can automatically adjust brightness and white balance to keep digital documentation simple. Users place the sample, find their region of interest, then press the ergonomic Snap button on the stand to acquire the image. All elements are within reach and can be operated with one hand, including the stage drive, focus buttons, light intensity control, and the Snap button. Users focus on the sample through the eyepieces and don’t even need to take their hands away from the microscope stand. The system documents the sample reproducibly and precisely as users see it through the eyepieces—detail-rich and in true color. The correct scaling is always included automatically.


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