February 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 4)

Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group

The BioPure QClamp is a new sanitary Tri-Clamp® for single-use fluid path applications. Capable of providing a secure connection in less than 12 seconds, this single-handed and tool-free sanitary Tri-Clamp is qualified for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This lightweight, sanitary clamp is supported by an industry-leading validation pack for nonwetted components. The BioPure Q-Clamp does not require any tools for application or removal. A unique closing mechanism ensures the clamp can be closed quickly using one hand, which also reduces operator strain. And a double-sided ratchet ensures the clamp remains shut in the unlikely event that one side should fail. The Q-Clamp features a tamper-evident identification technology solution for TriClamp connections. And the additional component can also be used for identification through color (eight available), allowing procedures to specify relevant areas of the process.

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