September 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 16)

Dolomite Bio

Dolomite’s Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing system is flexible and open making it accessible for the use of a wider range of reagents and protocols. A cell suspension is loaded into an agitated remote reservoir and beads are injected into a sample loop, ensuring an even loading of both cells and beads. Droplets are collected in an output reservoir at approximately 2,800 droplets per second—allowing for the capture of over 6,000 single cells in 15 minutes. Highly monodisperse droplets are produced with precise control using the pressure pumps. The flow sensors provide real-time display of microscale flow rates and allow for accurate adjustment of flow using the Flow Control Centre software. Droplet production can be monitored with the high-speed camera and microscope system, allowing for real-time control over the quality of droplet formation.

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