February 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 4)

Dolomite Bio

The Nadia instrument is a touchscreen-controlled, droplet-based microfluidic platform for single-cell research, combining superior microfluidics, automated temperature control, and gentle cell/bead agitation to offer a single, compact instrument that delivers precise and reliable results. One, two, four, or eight samples can be run in parallel, generating up to 6,000 high-quality, single-cell libraries per sample in approximately 15 minutes. Configuration with the Nadia Innovate protocol development platform transforms the system into a scalable, open system for the creation of new procedures and applications. Users can alter parameters—such as droplet size and frequency, temperature, agitation, and timing—and optimize protocols with the aid of real-time visualization, enabling straightforward development of new single-cell protocols and applications.

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