December 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 21)

Sphere Fluidics

The Cyto-Mine® single-cell analysis system is supported primarily by its picodroplet technology. The instrument is compatible with the Cyto-Cartridge®, a disposable microfluidic biochip that allows single cells of interest to be dispensed into individual wells of a microtiter plate for biopharma discovery, cell line development, and monoclonality assurance. This enables a step change in throughput for biopharma applications. Traditionally, up to three different items of equipment would be required for each step, resulting in a costly and time-consuming process, using up valuable lab space, and increasing the risk of sample contamination. The Cyto-Mine system can deliver up to 10 million tests in a single day compared with other systems on the market that deliver 10,000 tests in three weeks.

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