June 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 11)

The Binding Site

These two new sheep anti-human IgA and IgM antibodies are unconjugated, polyclonal antibodies that have been expressly designed for use as an integral component within a variety of test procedures, especially ELISAs and Western blots. Researchers involved in the biopharmaceutical, clinical, and life sciences fields, as well as select IVD manufacturers, will find the availability of these products particularly useful in their efforts. Both of these affinity-purified antibodies demonstrate high degrees of specificity and display minimal species cross-reactivity with bovine, mouse, and rat serum proteins. In addition, the antibodies also feature exceptional lot-to-lot consistencies and offer extended shelf-life stability claims.  Both of are available in compact, standard-sized vials of 1.0 mg—with larger bulk configurations also being available.

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