Semi-Automated Tube Picker


The Mohawk is a new system for frozen or thawed sample tube picking from 96-position racks. The system has been designed to work right out of the box and to require no setup or calibration. Tubes can be chosen from a single rack, or a picklist can be set up to select tubes across multiple racks. Picklist operations are generally started from reading the 1D code on a rack placed onto the Mohawk, but manual selection is also possible. Other key features of the new semi-automated tube picker include the ability to generate picklists externally in other software applications or create a template using the Mohawk’s software. For additional sample tracking and security, the Mohawk can be connected directly to a 2D barcode scanner for tube confirmation. The compact size, intuitive software, and ability to integrate can make the Mohawk an asset in sample management applications with thawed or frozen tubes in standard format racks.

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