Sample Tubes



The new, innovative 2-mL tubes with external thread are the first tubes of their kind, enabling researchers to store high-volume samples in a space-efficient 96-well format. The tube provides an extraordinary storage capacity in 96-well format racks with a working volume of 1.55 mL at room temperature. The high-volume tubes are designed with thick tube walls for long-term sample storage and can be used to store samples down to –80°C. Until now, this working volume for a new 2-mL tube with external thread was unseen in a 96-well format. The novel tube shape allows researchers to start using high-volume samples in automated systems. The tubes are standardly provided with 2D Data-Matrix codes. The codes are permanently laser-etched onto an inseparable black code surface on the bottom of each tube, so sample traceability is guaranteed. The 2D codes also have a human-readable code for additional verification.

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