Sample Drying System



The Genevac LyoSpeed™ is a hybrid process combining conventional centrifugal evaporation and lyophilization for drying HPLC reverse-phase solvent fractions. The LyoSpeed technology is utilized on Genevac EZ-2 Elite and Series 3 HT evaporators where HPLC fractions can be automatically concentrated to a few milliliters, then frozen and rapidly lyophilized to produce a diffuse dry powder—which can easily be re-dissolved or weighed out. This technology produces, with most samples, a dry powder rather than the traditional thin film, making downstream processing far easier since compounds can be more easily removed from the evaporation vessel. The resultant dry powder is not excessively fluffy as would be obtained from conventional freeze-drying. This avoids the problems associated with static formation, particularly when trying to weigh out such compounds.

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