Sample Decapper

Hamilton Storage


The LabElite DeCapper SL rapidly decaps sample containers to increase sample throughput and improve overall laboratory efficiencies without risks of manually derived errors and contamination. This compact model is approximately 20% smaller than other models and is easily integrated into hands-free, automated workflows using liquid handling platforms. Additionally, the LabElite DeCapper SL is an ideal space-saving, standalone solution for laboratories that prefer walk-up benchtop sample decapping. The LabElite DeCapper SL is compatible with labware in 96-, 48-, and 24-format tube racks, with internal or external threads, such as microtubes, cryovials, and specialty tubes, from all major labware manufacturers. It is especially suited as a compact and time-saving solution for biobanking, forensic, genomic, compound management, and drug discovery workflows.

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